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The Reason Behind 'Imsweatyandready'

Sooo... Imsweatyandready. What is this? and what is the point of the name? The meaning behind it?

I find it to be more than just a name, it represents who I am. The name is representative of being ready to take on the day. Ready to sweat in a good workout. Not being afraid to be your true self fully, and embrace that. And, it is what I grew up with being: sweaty. To some this may sound stupid. But I know that hyperhidrosis is more than just being labeled as sweating a lot. It causes one to reconsider what they wear, how they communicate, and how they interact with other people. When I was in sixth grade, I was playing on the playground and ended up falling off the zip line because I slipped due to how sweaty my hands were. I carried around a napkin with me everywhere. Before a test, going somewhere new, or meeting someone, the nervous feeling always caused me to sweat EXCESSIVELY. This then made me feel MORE self-conscious about it. I used to ask myself a series of questions: What are they going to think when they shake my hand and it is wet? Am I going to have enough time to wipe my hands on my pants before coming in contact with someone else? What are they going to ask when they notice the droplets? I knew that my condition was not normal, and it made me feel so out of place. I even wrote my college essay on this. When I told some people that this was my topic - they laughed. But little did they know how much this condition ate away and limited me. I'm writing this to me and for me.

We all have our own struggles, and this may seem minuscule to other people, but for a long time it played a large role in my life. The condition is genetic, and runs in my family. I have that support even if it doesn't change things. For the longest time, this condition was my biggest insecurity. My family members had tried every type of treatment out there from shock therapy, to a variety of ointment creams, to therapy -- the list goes on. The only semi-permanent resolution was surgery. This surgery does not take away the problem but reallocates where the sweat goes. We all sweat, that is a fact. But to the extent that people with this condition have it, is not comparable. Growing up, I felt alone and did not realize that there were lots of other people out there that also had the condition. It affects everyone differently. But as I grew older, I started to see marketers take advantage of this market - trying to provide solutions to hyperhidrosis. None, I mean NONE, of them worked for me. The sweating in my hands used to leave my paper wet after finishing a writing test, or limited the desire to meet new people. Once I got the surgery, the sweaty palms went away. Did the other areas? no. But I felt free. I felt confident. I felt like me. I didn't feel held back anymore, and I wasn't going to let the condition control my life. In my head, the condition was limiting and still is. But I am grateful I had the opportunity to get this selective surgery. I am blessed for the life that I have.

I’m SWEATY and READY to take on the life the way that I intended and will not let this condition hold me back from accomplishing my dreams

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