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Status Update

Hello, It's Me Again!

It's a Tuesday evening, and all day it has felt like a Wednesday. I keep forgetting that we are not halfway through the week. I shouldn't wish away the week. ANOTHER reminder to stay present. Today's topic for this post is the phrase: dream reality.

This reality includes what I envision for myself in the future and how time is of the essence. I imagine myself on a warm beach sitting on the porch of my Scandinavian style home. I'm sipping my coffee and reading my book. Then, taking the time to catch up on emails, meditate, and write (aka a slow morning). Being able to work for myself and build a brand around who I am is the dream. My mission to help people think outside of the box and create meaningful products that generate change. Whether that be empowering young women, or helping low income communities in their day to day activities, it's the dream. I want to serve & help other people make their dreams come true.

I have seasons in my life where I'm very creative and other times where I'm not. It all depends on the environment and energy I create for myself.

When I'm staying at home all day and working from the same location, my energy levels diminish. I'm unmotivated to wake up early and do my morning routine. I'm unmotivated to workout or go outside. I'm unmotivated to create quality, nourishing meals. But, when I change my perspective and actually take the time to do the activities that fulfill me, everything is different. The way that I interact with other people, how I speak to myself, and what I focus my attention on: completely shifts. I'm basically a new person. For example, yesterday I had a very long work day and caught up on sleep from the weekend. I did not speak nicely to myself and focused my attention on consuming more content than I was producing. Today was different. I decided to make my bed in the morning, I did my skincare routine. I journaled and read. I worked out. I researched new topics and ways to generate a side income. One slight change can make a difference. Someway, somehow if I take one step at a time, I'll get closer to my dream reality. Growth does not come overnight. It takes time. Having faith and trust in yourself is one half of the battle. Going out and taking action is the other.

Having financial independence and time freedom are always a high level dream for most people. But, on social media we usually just see the success stories. We don't see the struggle. We don't see the fear. We don't see the amount of time spent in the background. Remember that.

Overall, everyone has different goals and aspirations. That is what makes us unique and defines us as individuals. We are all different, so try not to base your success and goals off of others. Embrace what makes you, you.

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