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Soreness is REAL

I always like to start the morning by excitedly saying “It’s a new day!” Because it reminds me to stay present in today and not think too far into the future. When I do that, I end up going down a rabbit hole worrying about every little thing. After an eventful weekend with some childhood friends in the city, the work week began. My feet hurt from all of the walking and dancing we did but it’s the good kind of pain. It was the first time after moving to a new city where I could host and show people around. The preparation included cleaning my bedroom, washing the sheets & towels, and buying food/beverages for everyone.

It’s very exciting. I got to explore new places I wouldn’t have gone to if I was alone. For me, the week starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. What about you? Also, these last few days I’ve been sleeping in later than I normally would for work because of the lack there of on the weekend. I’ve still managed to get somewhat of a routine. I’m happy to have my little oasis and finally get a routine down in my new apartment (despite being here for three months already).

People don’t tell you how hard it is to make friends when you move to a new city. After working all day I always ponder ideas like do I want to try and grab a drink or dinner with someone? Have I worked out yet today? What do I want to make for dinner? Do I even have the money to really be spending it on going out right now? The list goes on. So this is why we have to take it one step at a time. I’m reading, writing, working, and exercising MOST of the time - so that is a start. I’m proud of that.

And WOWZA I am sore. I know that is not a good indication of a good workout but my muscles ache. Thought I would update. Onto the rest of my adventurous day.

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