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It's Wednesday My Friends

I feel alive. Today I definitely had a case of the midweek blues. It’s the middle of the week, and it has gone by fast and slow at the same time. Is that possible? I tried a CrossFit class for the first time which took me wayyy out of my comfort zone. It challenged me, made me feel awkward, and fantastic all in one. After being in a bit of a funk with little motivation and energy, this was a great boost of endorphins. It really reminded me as to why I love working out and how important it is to incorporate into my day-to-day activities.

Just kidding. It’s now Thursday. It’s a beautiful, sunny day outside and I’ve had a quality breakfast and cleaned up. When I get into a routine it helps my energy levels stay up and keeps me motivated. I know it may sound crazy, but it is a game changer. Finding activities that you ENJOY is so important because it keeps you grounded and in control. As an over thinker, it can be hard not to always think of EVERY possible senecio for every situation going on in your life. To be honest, the last few nights I have been waking up 3-4x a night worrying about something whether that be: did I check my email? Did I respond to that text on time? Am I being productive enough? Am I enjoying myself? Sitting here and writing this serves as a reminder to myself to take a breath and relax. Is everything going to be perfect all of the time? No. Is that okay? Absolutely. Being able to collect my thoughts comes from having my routine and doing things for myself. At times it is difficult not to feel guilty for putting myself first. But at the end of the day, we only have one life and I don’t want to waste time. I heard a quote the other day which mentioned if you talked to your friends the way that you talked to yourself, you would have no friends. So why are you speaking so negative to yourself? I’m definitely guilty of that at times, but I’m unlearning past behaviors and creating new ones. Will there be mistakes? Yes. Will I fail at times? Hell yes. But I just have to take it one step at a time.

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