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Confidence: The Foundation for An Extraordinary Life

Ok so confidence. By definition it means 'a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.' There are other definitions but this one resonated most with what I want to talk about/cover. When I think of the word confident I think someone is assure of themselves, self-aware, clear on their goals, and determined. Without taking the time to find clarity on who we are as an individual, how are we going to add value to other people's lives?

Do you ever have that one friend you usually go to for advice (depending on the topic)? I have different friends that I go to for different types of advice. Over the last two years I've put into improving myself, I started to become a confidant for my friends. I tend to gravitate towards people who have their shit together. Let's be honest. It's a great quality to have in various types of relationship and it's attractive.

If you asked 100 people, what is your life purpose? I bet you nine times out ten they would respond with "happiness," "a family," "success," "to travel," etc. All of these are fantastic dreams. But without a clear path or plan, most of these people will live mediocre lives. You should want to live an extraordinary life. I know its cliche but we only get one. Being confident and knowing who you are to the core is a lifetime asset that no one can take away from you. It's the foundation for definitively determining your life purpose and coming up with a plan. Yes, it's okay to not know where you think you'll be in five year because who really does know that? We can only control what's right in front of us. The point of this idea around confidence is that I want people to truly understand the significance of putting in the work. For themselves and themselves only. It will fundamentally change your mentality and future if you're willing to take action.

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